Dr. Stephen Leeb on “2015 Economy and Oil”



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Dr. Stephen Leeb held this Vekeo event to discuss 2015 and the influence this year will have on the economy and oil. Dr. Leeb spoke of 2015 and into 2016 as being possibly the most important year(s) since the industrial revolution. A tremendous amount hangs in the balance during 2015 as we’ve been on a constant tight rope with inflation on one side and deflation on the other with a delicate balance between. Dr. Leeb is in favor of inflation because he’s on optimist. A perfect or Goldie locks economy is no longer attainable with the lack of assets that have been created, and as various countries grow, the deficit of assets will only increase. In recent years the oil industry has become a major player in economic growth. In previous years, decreased oil prices have helped the economy but in today’s economy the decrease in oil prices has hindered the economy.

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