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Lakeridge Health is working with government partners on the capital process for a new hospital to be built in Durham Region. When will this new hospital be built?
Lakeridge Health works closely with patients, families and other providers on effective discharge planning so people have the supports to successfully transition from the hospital back to the community. How is Lakeridge Health working with community partners to support patients transitioning from hospital back to home?
How will the Durham Ontario Health Team assist people navigating through the health care system?


Durham residents were invited to attend a Live Telephone Town Hall on Monday, November 25, 2019 to learn more about health care in the region, new programs and plans to expand services in the future. Lakeridge Health President & CEO Matthew Anderson and Chief of Staff Dr. Tony Stone updated community members on key topics including efforts to alleviate hospital overcrowding and increase access to home and community care, new mental health services, and the modernization and expansion of Lakeridge Health’s facilities.