Our Lady of Loreto’s Second Sunday Sitting



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Can you explain the plenary indulgances?
Do dogs have souls? Can they go to heaven?
What is the difference between God and Allah?
How can I reach my non-practicing Catholic friends?
Why do priest wear different colors at different times of the year?


Father William Clemence of Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Parish hosted his first live Vekeo event to take calls, questions and comments from parishioners. He began the call with an introductory reflection on Lent, the Triduum and Easter. Father William and Father Ed took questions and comments from callers and answered questions on a variety of topics. Callers asked for advice on how to get their teenagers to attend mass, how to understand the mystery of the Holy Spirit and how to overcome fear related to reconciliation. Father William spoke about how the Holy Spirit is a divine person and how the Lord has revealed to us that God is the 3 person trinity that shares 1 nature and 1 essence. There are specific gifts that are attributed directly to the Holy Spirit that are written about in Scripture and Father William went over some of these to help answer the caller’s question.

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