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Can we stop the Water Board from making changes to our community following the flood?
Will there will be an increase in the police force in Southwest Jefferson County?
Why hasn't Jefferson County explored an MOU with the Colorado Civil Air Patrol?


Jefferson County of Colorado held this TeleForuml to discuss emergency preparedness for wild fires and flooding. Guest speakers included Commissioner Donald Rosier, Jefferson County District 3, Commissioner Libby Szabo, Jefferson County District 1, Commissioner Casey Tighe, Jefferson County District 2, Mark Dannner, Facilities and Construction Management Director, Pat O'Connell, Jefferson County Planning and Zoning and Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader. Discussion centered around Jefferson County and how to be prepared in case of an emergency. Sheriff Jeff Shrader spoke about how they are aggressively hiring deputies in the area. They have recently had attrition issues and are sensitive to providing the appropriate patrols for the area. Guest Speaker Clint Fay spoke about Code Red as an emergency notification system that is currently in place to notify those who are in an evacuation zone that they need to evacuate. He mentioned that it will dial all landlines in the area to notify them on any evacuations that need to be happening. The system also allows participants to register multiple phone lines to receive calls, texts and e-mails for the very pertinent information. Clint mentioned the 3 different levels of evacuation and what they mean. He also went over the Five P's to remember when gathering belongings during an evacuation. All speakers hoped that this call was very informative to participants and urged them to reach out if there were any additional questions that were not answered on this call.

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