Jefferson County 2018 Budget



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What can be done about the high volume traffic on Highway 93 through Golden to 470? Will there be a W470 at some point?
Is there anything in the budget for low income or affordable housing?
What can be done to help keep Lakewood unique to other cities in Colorado?


Jefferson County held this access live event to discuss both the budget process with participants, as well as get feedback and comments from residents. County Commissioners Libby Szabo (District 1), Casey Tighe (District 2) and Donald Rosier (District 3) hosted the call to answer questions and provide participants with updates. The County would like to have more civic engagement to help inform its budget development process and asked for input on the best way to engage citizens. Commissioner Szabo noted the county’s revenue is limited by TABOR, the Tax Payers’ Bill of Rights, meaning while average property valuations increased by 23%, tax payments only went up by a 3% increase not by 23%. This is because TABOR limits how much the county can collect (grow) each year. One way the county is addressing budget issues is by implementing an initiative called Resilient Jeffco that will allow it to proactively respond to a downturn in the economy or a natural disaster like a fire or a flood.

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