Evening with Grove City College



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How would you describe the environment at Grove City College to interested students?
How do you apply for financial aid?
How are parents involved in the education of their student attending Grove City College?


Grove City College held this live, interactive event to discuss the merits of attending Grove City College and answer questions for potential students. Guest speakers included Grove City College staff such as President Paul McNulty, Director of Financial Aid Tom Ball, and Director of Residence Life Lyndsey Grimm. The hosts addressed topics such as the variety of groups students can get involved in on campus, a parent's ability to be involved with their student, and how to apply for financial aid. Hosts shared that the best way to make sure an applicant is considered for the maximum amount of merit-based scholarships is to apply before November 15th. Participants were informed that Grove City College has both need-based scholarships and merit-based scholarships. Applicants were encouraged to include a resume with their application to better communicate their extra-curricular activities along with their academic achievements.