Amazon Adventure with John Hocevar




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What was the biggest obstacles you all faced?
How familiar are you with the companies who are doing oil exploration?
Is there a plan to do night diving as well as day diving?
What is Greenpeace doing to let the world know that this vast area in the Amazon region is being polluted for profit?


This live Vekeo event was hosted by Greenpeace. The guest speaker was John Hocevar, an explorer, marine biologist and Oceans Campaign Director for Greenpeace US. He discussed Greenpeace's role in a groundbreaking exploration of the Amazon Reef, a first step in securing protections to safeguard the reef from offshore oil exploration.

To hear more about John's journey to the Amazon Reef, visit

*There were technical difficulties experienced with the video feed during the live event. We apologize for any interruptions in the video content.

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