Greenpeace Webinar with Tim Donaghy




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Why does the public still accept big oil?
What actions can Greenpeace and average citizens take to oppose the pipeline projects?
What does the appointment of former oil executive Rex Tillerson to Secretary of State mean?


Greenpeace USA hosted this live interactive event and featured Senior Research Specialist Tim Donaghy. Tim's research includes Arctic oil drilling, climate change, and the oil industry. Greenpeace discussed the possible dangerous policies ahead with Trump and his cabinet nominations. Greenpeace is especially concerned with the appointment of former Exxon oil executive Rex Tillerson to Secretary of State. Callers were informed that the Trump administration just signed an executive order to move forward on the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, actions Greenpeace does not support. The significance of the recent Washington protests was encouraging to Greenpeace supporters. Callers were concerned about the relation of poor environment and poor health and national and global regulations. Greenpeace discussed top priorities for 2017 that includes undermining the oil industry and rejecting Trump's rollback of environmental laws.

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