Greenpeace Webinar with Naomi Ages




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What happened with Greenpeace pursuing Shell and why the shift to ExxonMobil?
Does signing petitions really do any good?
Broadening the appeal of the environmental movement.


Greenpeace USA hosted this live, interactive event and featured attorney and climate liability project leader Naomi Ages. Naomi discussed her work regarding climate justice supported by Greenpeace. The advocacy group has much concern with the recent election of Donald Trump and his recent appointment of ExxonMobile CEO, Rex Tillerson, as Secretary of State. ExxonMobil is considered one of the world's top polluters and is responsible for opposing climate change solutions and funding climate denial. Callers were concerned about alternative solutions to climate change as well as current issues supported by the organization, such as the Dakota Pipeline protests. Greenpeace encouraged participants to volunteer, offer financial support, and reach out to lawmakers in order to maintain the mission.

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