Greenpeace Webinar with Executive Director, Annie Leonard




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Is there any coordination among the various pro-environment organizations like Greenpeace?
How can we implement our government in a positive and unified way?
We are asking organizations to be a part of the People’s Climate Movement March in April 2017.


Greenpeace USA hosted this live Vekeo event with Annie Leonard, the Executive Director of Greenpeace USA. Annie has over two decades of experience investigating and explaining the environment and its social impacts. She discussed the results of the recent 2016 presidential election, including promises President-elect Donald Trump has made which could hurt the United States. She thanked supporters and shared updates on stopping over-fishing, with a focus on tuna. The tuna fishing practices are not currently sustainable. Greenpeace is working to shift to sustainable markets. Currently, lawyers are looking at legal strategies to prosecute fossil fuel companies, because they had prior knowledge of their negative effect on climate change. In addition, Annie addressed the South Dakota Pipeline Access issue at Standing Rock, and balancing the need of a healthy planet with pressing safety needs.

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