A Conversation with Cassady Craighill




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Are there communities with laws that protect them from taking action for the environment?
What are your thoughts on the hurricane season barley addressed during this election?
What is being done to ensure Senator Clinton honors her word as an evironmental candidate?


This live, interactive Vekeo event was with Greenpeace and guest speaker Cassady Craighill, a Media Officer for Greenpeace, USA. Cassady currently manages communication and media for the Democracy Campaign which focuses on eliminating the influences of fossil fuel money on our elections and policies. The Democracy Campaign was created to generate cleaner campaigns, removing corporate money and allow for more awareness on issues like climate change. Cassady and the rest of the Democracy Campaign team have had a number of politicians who are campaigning this year sign onto the pledge of commitment. In 2012, the primary election debates did not include any discussion of climate change. Now, Greenpeace is working harder than ever to bring environmental issues to light in this year's debates. Additionally Greenpeace has continued their work to push back on the fracking industry and corporations who are working to take advantage of the people and the environment.

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