Greenpeace Webinar with Kristina Flores




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Does Greenpeace work with organizations in coalitions?
What has been done to save baby seals in Canada?
How does the oil industry use subsidies, tax write offs and tax havens not to pay their fair share?


This live, interactive Vekeo event was with Greenpeace and guest speaker Kristina Flores, a Greenpeace researcher and activist who joined Greenpeace in 2013. Kristina discussed her environmental movement. Her interest has always been social justice. She recalls sitting on the home of the ‘Rainbow Warrior,’ in San Francisco. She started with the organization as a researcher in 2015. Kristina has worked on various campaigns. Her team and her has placed pressure on Hillary Clinton and spent a lot of time attending her rallies, asking questions about campaign funding contributions that come from the oil industry. She has created a database of the oil rigs and what companies were offering it. She mentioned that over 2000 platforms are in the Gulf. She additionally discussed the Koch brothers and their political efforts on capitalism on the college campuses. Greenpeace has been working very hard to push back on the fracking industry and pushing back against corporations who are working to take advantage of the people and the environment.

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