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Is there such a thing as good Palm Oil to use?
Does Greenpeace work in/have offices in Southeast Asia?
Are the local communities supportive of stopping the harvesting of palm oil?


Maddy Carretero and Greenpeace held this VideoForum to update participants on the campaign for ending palm oil usage. Forest Researcher Ivy Schlegel was a guest speaker for Greenpeace to provide an interactive update on how Greenpeace is working to save the world's last rain forest. As a research specialist for Greenpeace's U.S. Forest Team, Ms. Schlegel was able to direct the conversation towards Indonesian palm oil and the markets for forest commodities. She stated that she believed the deforestation of Indonesia's rain forest needs to end. Participants were interested in the work Ms. Schlegel had done, and is going to do, to increase the effort to end deforestation.

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