Greenpeace Webinar with Rodrigo Estrada




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On keeping fossil fuel money out of politics.
Will seismic testing continue in the Atlantic?
How concerned is Greenpeace that Shell or someone else is trying to drill in the Arctic?
How do you keep up to date with the most recent news involving Arctic drilling?
What is the current status of Greenpeace's involvement with Arctic Drilling?
How can I get more involved?


Greenpeace held this live Vekeo event to discuss how the organization is fighting offshore oil drilling in the American Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico. Guest Speaker Rodrigo Estrada provided an update on their recent victory over offshore oil drilling along the American Atlantic coast and their continuing campaign to stop fossil fuel companies from destroying the already fragile Arctic and Gulf of Mexico. Rodrigo mentioned how people can get involved by participating in any of the upcoming government hearings that are being held and the organizations' petition calling Secretary Hillary Clinton and the other Presidential candidates to remove all fossil fuel money from their campaigns.

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