Greeley-Evans School District 6



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Dr. Deirdre Pilch talks about District 6's newly adopted mission and values
How are extra curricular activities going to be funded?
What are the major issues and priorities that District 6 is currently working on?


Greeley School District held this live Vekeo event to discuss Greeley-Evans schools and plans for improving resources for the students. Guest Speakers Dr. Deirdre Pilch, Dr. Mark Thompson, and Steve LaForest spoke about issues such as transportation for school events, extracurricular activities, and increased homework. They mentioned that there is a need to raise more funds to be able to provide more buses and offer a higher pay for new bus drivers. They encouraged parents to speak up and talk with their schools principal in order for them to know if this may be an issue. They mentioned that if there is no communication they will assume that everything is fine.

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