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Does Bryan Oviedo think he will play in the World Cup?
What does Bryan Oviedo enjoy to do outside of football?
How did Bryan Oviedo feel after scoring a goal against United?
If you could sum up Everton in one word, what would it be?


Everton Football Club held this event for season ticket holders to speak to midfielder, Bryan Oviedo and boxer, Tony Bellew. Evertonian fans are very excited to see if Bryan Oviedo goes to the Corld Cup this year and if Everton beats out Arsenal for the 4th spot in the English Premier League. Bryan Oviedo expressed his great appreciation for the Everton team and how he is very happy that he signed with Everton. He also spoke about scoring a goal against Manchester United and how it felt as if he was living a dream. At one point during the live event, Tony Bellew sang Bryan Oviedo’s song which allowed for Bryan to say that when fans are singing player songs during games, it helps keep the energy up and players are beyond appreciative of that fan support. It was also mentioned that Tony Bellew’s next fight is going to be in July and followed by a very big fight in November.

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