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Will the three day waiting period be waived?
More people need to share their stories
If you are married in another state, do you need to be married in Florida as well?
Will spouses be able to be buried in veterans cemeteries?


Florida’s marriage ban is unconstitutional; Nadine with Equality Florida facilitated the discussion about this topic and advocating for greater marriage equality laws. There were questions about insurance coverage and support for the LGBT community. The hosts addressed some specific cases concerning partners and spouses lack of rights regarding burials, insurance and other legal issues. They are trying to collect people‚Äôs personal stories to use to move the marriage equality issue forward in authentic ways. Not every state acknowledges gay marriage and participants asked about ways to get more involved. They were specifically focused on Florida’s laws. Fighting discrimination and looking for more ways to create legality for all in regards to marriage equality is a top issue and priority for next year and the years to come.


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