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Is this ruling final?
What is next for the LGBT fight?
Can the Supreme Court judgement be reversed?
Is there momentum for the Employment Nondiscrimination Act?
Am I able to get insurance for my husband through my employer?


The purpose of this event was to discuss the Supreme Court decision on Marriage Equality. The guest speakers for this call included,  Hannah Willard of Equality Florida, Shannon Minter of Legal Director National Center for Lesbian Rights, Attorney Elizabeth Schwartz, and Richard Carlbom of Freedom to Marry. There was discussion about the work over the last 20 years and the work still to be done to ensure those in the LGBT community share all of the rights of everyone else. Shannon Minter provided information on what the Supreme Court ruling means. There was much discussion about what the future holds regarding the Equality Florida movement, including tying up loose ends with issues like social security benefits, joint titles, etc. and fighting for employment discrimination protections and implementing protections for the trans-gender community. There was also discussion about what resources are available for people to learn how to get married, determine their adoption rights, etc.

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