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What is the future of gold?
How long is the oil industry and stock going to be down?
What do you think about option portfolios vs stock portfolios?


Eagle Publishing Financial Services hosted this event with Investment Expert Doug Fabian. Doug Fabian gave his opinion on the topic of 2016 being an inevitable Bear Market. Callers were mostly aligned with this belief as expressed in poll voting as is Doug Fabian; however, he feels it will prove to be a shallow Bear Market. He discussed the three major things to watch for in 2016: China, commodities and the direction of Federal rates. Callers had questions about specific stocks such as gold and oil with Dave Fabian giving his predictions for the best performing commodities in 2016. The hosts made an announcement that Eagle Publishing will be launching a new service with Doug Fabian called ETF Traders’ Edge and will focus on short term investing.

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