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When is the Jesse James song going to be on CD?
When will you video, Country Like Me, be out?
What are you going to reflect on after making it big?


The Davisson Brothers Band held this live Vekeo event to connect with fans across the country and give them an opportunity to ask questions. The Davisson Brothers band members spoke about how they grew up in musical families and how they officially started their band toward the end of their high school years and have been touring ever since. While the band members are based out of West Virginia and also live in West Virginia, they have offices and work out of Nashville. Band members also spoke about their new single, Jesse James, and the video they shot to go along with the song. Fans asked questions about when they can expect a new album and if there will be upcoming videos released for specific songs. Band members spoke about their musical influences, people who inspire them and what they look forward to in the future.

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