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What is the best way to move forward in your career?
What do we mean when we use the term "Networking"?
Does being willing to relocate improve my chances?


Cornell College held this Access Live event called, “Getting Ahead in Your Career”, to connect with young alumni and discuss the services of their Careers office. Joining the call was Jodi Schafer (Senior Director, Berry Career Institute) and Michael Geneser (Director of Alumni Engagement). Ms. Schafer discussed different ways the Berry Career Institute can help alumni, including career coaching, mock interviews, and an introduction to networking tools. She discussed how participants may get ahead in their careers by building their reputation (being resourceful, solving problems, keeping the big picture in mind, doing the work nobody else will) and supporting the organization (embracing the company culture, working across divisions, being a utility player, supporting change efforts, being mindful of job hopping). Ms. Schafer and Mr. Geneser also talked about the importance of personal development (learning new skills, networking) and what to think about when considering switching careers (identify transferable skills and maintaining a digital presence).

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