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Would you repeal the no guns on bases act?
Why will it take 9 years to balance the budget?
What is being done to protect religious freedom?


Congressman Palmer held this TeleForum to stay in touch with constituents and hear about issues concerning them. Congressman Gary Palmer spoke about issues such as the Iran deal, balancing the budget and border security. Congressman Palmer mentioned that he is not confident that Iran is going to abide by the agreement as Iran is the worlds leading sponsor of terrorism. Congressman Palmer mentioned that if this deal goes through he believes that Iran will have a bomb in the next year or less. Concerning the budget, he mentioned that he would like to have a balanced budget but that it is going to take time. The Congressman does believe that if our country went to a flat tax system, we would be able to balance the budget much sooner. Congressman Palmer also spoke about our border security and the Department of Interior prohibiting security from enforcing the law. He also mentioned that we need to stop the catch and release that is currently going on and exercise better control on the border. Produced by Lockheed Martin.

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