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When are you going to abolish ObamaCare?
Why do we have to do an EA to salvage timber?
Are you doing everything you can to stop the Iran Deal?


Congressman Bruce Westerman held this TeleForum with his constituents to discuss Veterans, executive overreach, and the Iran Nuclear Deal. The men and women of the United States military put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms; it is only right that as they age, cost of living adjustments happen as part of the benefits they earned through service. Taking care of our veterans is of utmost importance and Congressman Westerman is proud to support this bill and veterans. The Obama administration has demonstrated time and time again its inability to work for the best interest of the American people and our allies. From ignoring self-declared ‘red lines’ to ceding chunks of Eastern Europe to an adversary, the Obama administration’s dealings with the United States’ enemies has hurt our standing abroad and our safety at home. Produced by Lockheed Martin.

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