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What is your opinion on Net Neutrality?
What is your stance on repealing Obamacare?
How will the TPA affect our relationship with China?


Congressman Bruce Westerman, representing the 4th District of Arkansas, held this TeleForum meeting to discuss issues that are important to his constituents and to his district. Congressman Westerman told participants that he came to Washington to fight for what is important to them and holding this TeleForum was a way to give participants an opportunity to ask him questions and voice their concerns. Congressman Westerman took questions from callers on a variety of subjects. He spoke about all the the trade negotiations happening right now, and why he voted for the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) but voted against the TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) and his reasoning behind each decision. He also answered questions on the Iran nuclear negotiations and why it is imperative that they do not gain the ability to make nuclear weapons. Produced by Lockheed Martin.

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