Commerce City, CO



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Mayor Pro Tem Rene Bullock discusses the Department of Justice's assessment of the Commerce CIty Police Department.
Mayor Sean Ford offers tips for neighborhood safety.
City Councilwoman Jadie Carson announces a new program for victims of sexual assault and families.


Commerce City, Colorado hosted this live, interactive Vekeo event for residents of the city. The call featured Mayor Sean Ford, Mayor Pro Tem Rene Bullock and council members Andrew Amador, Jadie Carson, Steve Douglas and Jason McEldowney. The event focused on police and code enforcement as well as general safety within Commerce City. Bullock provided an update on the ongoing review of the Commerce City Police Department by the Department of Justice. Callers asked questions about specific neighborhoods however, when polled, a clear majority of callers indicated they feel very safe where they reside. The council also discussed homelessness in the area and pointed out that education is key in addressing this issue.

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