HPTE SW Metro Express Lanes Master Plan



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When adding an Express Lane is it a new lane or repurposing existing lanes?
HPTE Director Nick Farber discussed the Express Lanes Master Plan project and the benefits it will bring to Colorado drivers.
How are Express Lanes going to help the traffic?


The High-Performance Transportation Enterprise (HTPE) held this Access Live event to discuss the future of transportation in the Denver metro area Denver metro area west of I-25 and south of I-70, and to share information about the Express Lanes Master Plan. HPTE board members Travis Easton and Rocky Scott were joined by HPTE Director Nick Farber and CDOT Regional Transportation Director Karen Rowe. David Ungemah, Vice President and Director of WSP’s Managed Lanes and Roadways Service Area also participated. The panel answered questions from participants regarding current projects in the area, the difference between Express Lanes and general lanes, and congestion.