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Would adding round-abouts relieve congestion better?
How does CDOT feel about driver-less cars?
When is leadership going to solve our funding problems?


The metro area counties of Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson were the focus of this event hosted by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Transportation Commissioners Shannon Gifford and Ed Peterson and CDOT Regional Transportation Director Paul Jesaitis discussed recent and upcoming projects including the I-70 Mountain Express Lanes, US 36 Express Lanes and interregional Express bus service called Bustang. Commissioner Gifford talked about how CDOT is using technology and innovation to make transportation safer and more reliable. Commissioner Peterson shared information about CDOT’s efforts to identify options and finance mechanisms to stretch dollars further, replace declining gas tax revenues, and reduce dependency on uncertain federal funding. CDOT’s current revenue can’t keep up with increasing costs.