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What is the differences between cancers and is one type more prevalent and aggressive?
Why don't people with Stage 4 cancer pursue alternate treatments?
Why do periods of remission vary across people with cancer?


In May 2016, the Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division brought together a panel of experts on a Telephone Town Hall to answer donors’ most puzzling questions about cancer.

Callers asked some great questions, like:

I hear so much about superfoods. Can a certain food prevent cancer?

  • Katie confirmed that the key to preventing cancer is not in eating a certain food. But the good news is, you can lower your risk if you move more, maintain a healthy weight and eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, as well as other plant foods such as whole grains and beans.

Why do some people respond better to treatment than others?

  • Aaron clarified that some of the most important predictive factors may include the type of cancer, subtype of cancer, size of the tumour, and location, grade and stage of the cancer.

Cancer is still so deadly. Is research really making a difference?

  • Steve explained that today, thanks the research funded by donors like you, over 60% of Canadians diagnosed with cancer will survive compared with about 25% in the 1940s. Amazing progress!


Learn the full answers to these and many other questions by listening to the full recording on this page!

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