Campaign 50: Brotherhood. Shelter. Future.



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History on the project
Should there be an event for the brothers to raise money?
Will the chapter be able to sustain a project this big?


The purpose of this Vekeo event was for leadership from the Delta Tau Delta, Epsilon Mu Chapter at Ball State University to discuss the fundraising campaign for expanding the Shelter. Brad Wagnon spoke first about the history of the project, including the generous financial gift from John Fischer. Brian Hobbs provided some details regarding the fundraising status for the House, including that there is 30% left to raise and only 11% of brothers have contributed. Guy Driggers provided additional information regarding the need to reinvigorate the campaign and how costs until now have been managed. The hosts answered a few questions regarding more financial details, as well as feasibility of the project. They ended the call encouraging participants to make pledges, so their goals can be met by Nov 2015, the 50th anniversary of the fraternity.

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