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How can I preserve my creativity and ingenuity through my 80s?
Are there certain foods that improve brain health?
What can be done to improve speech after suffering a stroke?


AARP held this event to talk with caregivers and seniors alike in Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi about brain health. Joining the conversation were experts Dr. Marilyn Albert, Director of the Department of Neuroscience at John Hopkins University in Baltimore and public health expert, Janet Porter to answer questions, and address concerns and any myths participants may have heard about. Awareness of the importance of brain health has just recently taken off and is a fairly new factor being used help to prevent brain deterioration. Together Dr. Marilyn Albert and Janet Porter explained how there are new studies showing that along with regular exercise, certain foods that are good for your heart can also help the brain and can be preventative against cognitive deterioration as well. Inserting physical activity into your routine, where the heart rate is increased has been linked to brain health and recovery. Although there are no studies showing recovery from Alzheimer's and Dementia, maintaining a healthy weight by eating right and regular exercise can reduce the decline of brain health.