Beta Upsilon National Chapter Meeting



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What's the timing like on generating funds for the Annex?
Can you explain the matching donation for donation incentive?
How can we ensure that new members keep up with maintenance?


Beta Upsilon of Beta Theta Pi held this event to update members on the status of the annex renovation and the chapter itself. Mr. Feinstein provided some background on some of his foundation activities. He spoke about the donations made by chapter members to renovate the annex and that they have been above average. There is still a need for more donations. Mr. Feinstein explained where donated funds have been allocated. Mr. Feinstein spoke about changes already made in the main house to the laundry and bathroom facilities. Funds have also been allocated to start up the new chapter. Going forward, more money is needed to support the annex which is needed to support the growing chapter. The annex needs to be modernized and brought up to the standards expected by students. Mr. Feinstein also provided an update on the MIT chapter and that they have had challenges getting large rush numbers. Throughout the call, Mr. Feinstein encouraged members to pledge gifts and to do so, even if they have already contributed as time is limited and they want to have all pledges in by June 30th. Thank you for your interest and involvement in Beta Upsilon!

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