Why Am I Stuck?



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If someone's sugar is high, what should they do and who should they see?
If I lower my cholesterol, will that help my diabetes?
Have any panelists worked with rural and underserved populations?
How can I lower my A1C further?
What should our listeners take home from our talk today?


To address challenges commonly faced by people living with type 2 diabetes, American Diabetes Association created Ask the Experts Q&A, a free educational series focused on diabetes management and the relationship between diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and heart failure. Open to all, participants can ask their questions to diabetes experts in a live Q&A session online or on the phone. Events are currently scheduled monthly through the end of 2021. Register for free at diabetes.org/experts, call 1-800-DIABETES (800-342-2383), or text “EXPERTS” to 833-TXT-LIVE (833-898-5483) to sign up for the series.

Ask the Experts: Why Am I Stuck?: Many people have a difficult time asking for or adjusting to changes in the way diabetes is managed. Change is hard! Your body and your needs will change over time and treatment adjustments may also need to be made. Join us to learn more about having those conversations and taking charge of your next moves.

This series is presented by Know Diabetes by Heart, a collaboration between American Diabetes Association® and American Heart Association®. Unauthorized use prohibited.