Support During the Holiday Season



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Is COVID adding stress to the holidays?
With the holidays newly-diagnosed husband feels sad and limited.
How do I support family members with diabetes without becoming the diabetes police?
How can we enjoy the holidays without concentrating on food?
Can grief or depression around the holidays affect my diabetes, or vice-versa?


To address challenges commonly faced by people living with type 2 diabetes, American Diabetes Association created Ask the Experts Q&A, a free educational series focused on diabetes management and the relationship between diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and heart failure. Open to all, participants can ask their questions to diabetes experts in a live Q&A session online or on the phone. Events are currently scheduled monthly through the end of 2021. Register for free at, call 1-800-DIABETES (800-342-2383), or text “EXPERTS” to 833-TXT-LIVE (833-898-5483) to sign up for the series.

Ask the Experts: Support During the Holiday Season: Even though holidays can be exciting, they can also add layers of stress and frustration. We talk through ways to stay positive and enjoy this time of year.

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