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What was the response of those in Fargo?
What is the motivation behind changing the Age?
What are the plans of other Bishops and Dioceses?


The Archdiocese of Denver held this event with Archbishop Samuel Aquila to connect with parishioners and discuss the restoration of the order of the Sacraments of Initiation. This would mean moving the sacraments of initiation to the original order of baptism, confirmation, and then Eucharist. The event served to be a resource for parents, religious education instructors, teachers and principals, and even young people themselves to ask questions of the archbishop about the plan to return the sacraments of initiation to their proper order in our archdiocese.  When Archbishop Aquila served in North Dakota, he was able to restore confirmation to the original place in 2002. His motivation is intended to maintain the Catholic youth in their faith because it is felt the current system is not working. Many callers were concerned about the overall faith of their children and what the change could mean.

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