AlaskaCare Town Hall: OptumRx Transition Update



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My spouse and I both have AlaskaCare plans and have coordinated benefits. How will this be managed, now that we will be enrolled in the EGWP?
I have a prescription through Aetna’s mail order program, this prescription is current and has remaining refills. Do I need to enroll in a new program to continue receiving this prescription?
I was informed by OptumRx that I have the option to opt out of the enhanced EGWP, but could not provide me the specific cost of that alternative plan. What is the cost of that plan?


The State of Alaska, Division of Retirement and Benefits held this Access Live Event to share information and answer questions about the upcoming transition to a new pharmacy benefit manager, OptumRx. Topics such as coordination of benefits, mail order prescriptions, opt-out specifics, and reimbursement for IRMAA surcharges relating to Medicare Part D were discussed.

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