Medication Management for Diabetes and Heart Disease



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What is the best long-acting medication?
Can your body become immune to using multiple medications?
How much longer will I need to take diabetes medications?
Is there a community workshop you recommend for individuals with diabetes?
What can I do about high blood sugar in the morning?
What can happen from having too much sugar in my blood?


To address challenges commonly faced by people living with type 2 diabetes, American Diabetes Association created Ask the Experts Q&A, a free educational series focused on diabetes management and the relationship between diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Open to all, participants can ask their questions to diabetes experts in a live Q&A session online or on the phone. Events are currently scheduled monthly from November 14, 2018 through March 19, 2019. Register for free at, call 1-800-DIABETES (800-342-2383), or text EXPERTS to 828282 to sign up for the series.

Medication Management for Diabetes and Heart Disease: Get the basics and learn how common medications work, why it’s important to take your medication as prescribed and how to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your medication regimen when you need to.

This series is presented by Know Diabetes by Heart, a collaboration between American Diabetes Association® and American Heart Association®. Unauthorized use prohibited.