Nutrition Basics




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What are the differences between "whole grain" and "whole wheat" bread?
Do all carbs affect blood sugar the same way; what are some differences in types of carbs?
What are the effects of summer fruit, and stone fruits like peaches, on the diabetic diet?


The American Diabetes Association® has created Living with Diabetes: Ask the Experts, a free, online educational Town Hall series focused on diabetes management. The series provides information and tips for living well with diabetes, including taking medication, eating healthy, planning meals, monitoring blood glucose, getting active, coping with common feelings about the disease, managing stress and getting support. Focused on a specific topic, each session features streaming video and a live 45-minute Q&A with Association diabetes experts. The series kicked off on June 28 and runs monthly through February 2018.  Register for individual Town Hall sessions at or text EXPERTS to 828282 to sign up for the series. Register today.


Nutrition Basics: Nutrition, an important part of a diabetes treatment plan, helps you manage your blood glucose and lose weight, which can help to lower your risk of diabetes-related complications.