AARP-WY Conversation with WY Governor Matt Mead



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Will you use the rainy day account to fund education?
What can be done about the high cost of prescription drugs?
Why don’t we use the lottery revenue to support education?


This live, interactive Vekeo event was hosted by AARP Wyoming. The event was moderated by Bob Beck, News Director of Wyoming Public Radio. The guest speaker was Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and Sam Shumway, Wyoming State Director at AARP. Proposed cuts and taxes were talked about. Congress needs to be careful with additional cuts to the Department of Health. The rainy day account was discussed; there is $1.6 Billion in that account. The legislation has appropriated money from that account in 2015. Listeners asked about the Wyoming lottery being used for higher education. Sam Shumway discussed the legislative session and the purpose of advocating on behalf of AARP’s members.