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Guest speaker Tim Lockwood discusses solutions to computer viruses with a participant.
I am going overseas: what precautions should I take to protect my information?
I recently received a phone call about a cruise: is this too good to be true?


AARP Wyoming held this live, interactive event to discuss ways to avoid financial fraud. Guest Speaker Tim Lockwood, AARP Wyoming's Associate State Director for Communications and State Advocacy, was available to offer advice to participants on recognizing fraudulent activity and scams. He shared that anyone can sign up for the AARP Fraud Watch Network, even without AARP membership. Tim was able to inform participants about numerous scams that are taking place right now in Wyoming, including scams with people impersonating the Internal Revenue Service. He also shared security tips regarding use of public WiFi, and suggested that participants avoid doing online banking and shopping while using public internet. Participants were able to ask questions live, and addressed topics such as overseas traveling, computer viruses, and devices that harvest credit card information.