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Can scammers be prosecuted?
If you don't use the internet, are you still at risk of identify theft?
Are medical providers required to ask for social security number?


AARP WY Fraud Watch Network hosted this event for members to provide practical information on how to prevent identity theft and fraud. The call featured Wyoming Special Agent, Paul Kanish, who identified and described scams prevalent in the state. He explained phishing scams, the 307 area code scam, and the grandma and secret shopper scams. He also addressed phone and internet scams and how to report scammers using or the federal trade commission’s government website. Agent Kanish encouraged callers to be proactive in protecting their personal information such as shredding personal information and checking credit reports annually. Another scam of concern from callers was oversea lotteries which should always be avoided. Produced by Groundswell Communications.