Broadband and the Wisconsin Consumer



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Helen Marks Dicks and Lara Sutherlin answered a question about funding for rural areas.
Helen answered a question about why the governor's provisions were taken out.
The hosts answered a question about provision on hotspot data.


AARP Wisconsin hosted this Access Live event to discuss broadband issues and how they affect the Wisconsin consumer. AARP Wisconsin is fighting to make sure the state budget includes making broadband high-speed internet accessible, affordable, and reliable for all residents of Wisconsin. This event featured Helen Marks Dicks, State Advocacy Director, AARP Wisconsin and Lara Sutherlin, Administrator, Division of Trade and Consumer Protection, who discussed what consumer protections currently exist for those with high speed internet and what they want to see in the next state budget to make those protections even better. Participants asked questions regarding funding for rural areas, why the governor’s provisions were taken out, and limitations on hotspots.