Caring for Caregivers with Rep. Marilyn Strickland



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Is there any assistance for at-home rehabilitation?
Are there laws that regulate and subsidize the cost of long-term care?
Will there be any financial help or tax benefit for family members receiving care?


AARP Washington hosted this Access Live event as an important conversation about caring for caregivers. The event featured with Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland, Director of the Home and Community Services (HCS) Division within the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration in Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services Bea Rector, and¬†Advocacy Director at AARP Washington Cathy McCaul. The congresswoman shared information about the Raise Act and the Caregiver Counsel that is working across different agencies to creating a national strategy to provide support for caregivers. There was also discussion about defining the different types of caregiving and the Child Tax Care Credit.