AARP Vermont with Representative Welch



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The congressman explains why he voted no on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.
What can be done about the shortage of doctors?
If the Republicans are successful in changing our healthcare system as we know it, are we going to be able to change it back?


AARP Vermont held this live, interactive Vekeo event with guest speaker Congressman Peter Welch. The topics of conversation were Medicare and the healthcare system in general. Congressman Welch explained why he voted no on the new proposed American Healthcare bill. AARP strongly opposes the bill as well. Congressman Welch has a history of working against the rising costs of prescription drugs and spoke to this on the call. He explained how important he feels it is to work with those that disagree with him in order to accomplish what is best for the nation. The congressman also shared his thoughts on the new Republican tax plans.