Are you ready to vote in Utah’s 2022 Election?



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Ryan Cowley discussed how each county promotes secure elections.
Ryan Cowley explains the concept of decentralized systems.
Sherrie Swenson and Ryan Cowley discussed how signatures are verified during an election..


AARP Utah held this Access Live Event to speak with members about the recent changes in election law and how that may impact current voters. Guest Speakers Director of Elections in the Lieutenant Governor’s Office Ryan Cowley, and Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen, joined the event to discuss voting in this year’s election and to answer questions about how to vote, election security, and important dates and deadlines to participate. Guest speakers spoke about the logic and accuracy testing that is done for tabulating machinery before any election in order to mitigate any issues. They also mentioned that there is an audit process that is completed after the election has completed tabulation.