Caregiving during the Covid-19 Pandemic



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AARP Utah hosted this Access Live Event to discuss caregiving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Caregiving can be stressful during normal times, but it’s especially challenging during COVID-19 as older individuals are more susceptible to the virus. There is currently about 350,000 unpaid caregivers in Utah providing either short or long term care and that number is expected to increase. This event featured: Peter Hebertson, Salt Lake County Outreach Program Director for Aging and Caregiving; Nancy Madson, Caregiving Expert; and Representative Ray Ward, Utah State House. They provided guidance and tips for surviving and thriving during this unprecedented time and addressed participant questions and concerns. Participants asked questions about how to protect grandparents living in the same home as grandchildren who are out playing, virus testing locations, and where to find the most recent information/restrictions about┬ávisits to senior care centers.