AARP Utah Town Hall on Frauds and Scams



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Why do the scammers target the elderly?
Tom Brady discusses reverse mortgages.
How can I better protect myself from telephone scams?


AARP Utah held this Access Live event to discuss scams to avoid and talk about how to spot fraud before becoming a target. Joining AARP Utah State Director Alan Ormsby, were Tom Brady, Director of the Utah Division of Securities, and Daniel O’Bannon, Director of the Utah Division of Consumer Protection. Some common scams the guest experts have encountered include unsecured promissory notes, Ponzi schemes, affinity fraud, annuities sold to the elderly community, impostor scams, and transactions gone wrong. Mr. Brady and Mr. O’Bannon presented resources for victims to get help and report scams. Hosts invited participants to sign up for the AARP Fraud Watch Network, a free service to keep you informed about possible scams in your area.