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How do I remove myself from a list after making a donation?
What should I do if my bank calls to verify my information over the phone?
Should I trust my friends or acquaintances when they ask me to make an investment?


AARP Utah, with State Director Alan Ormsby, hosted this live, interactive event to discuss the topic of financial fraud with members. Several guest speakers, including Keith Woodwell, Director of the Utah Security Division, Richard Best, Regional Director for the Security Exchange Commission, and Jacob Strain, Assistant United States Attorney, joined the call to share their experiences and provide advice to participants on how to avoid scams and fraudulent activity. Items discussed included affinity fraud, a type of fraud that occurs with a trusted friend or acquaintance as the perpetrator. Participants were able to ask questions of the hosts and raised topics such as restoring a credit score, sentencing for those convicted of fraud, and who to trust when making investments.