Chat: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren



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Monica Alaniz and Rosalva Larrasquitu spoke about the types of challenges with grandparents raising children.
Monica Alaniz answered a question about how to become a legal guardian.
Rosalva Larrasquitu answered a question about if you should let the school district know that you are caring for your grandchild.


AARP Texas hosted this Access Live event to discuss grandparents raising grandchildren. This event featured Judge Joe Benavides, Justice of the Peace, Nueces County; Rosalva Larrasquitu, Administrator at BISD; and Monica Alaniz, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. They discussed the challenges associated with raising children as a grandparent or other relative and community outreach and resources available for non-traditional families. Participants asked questions regarding caregiver training, financial resources for those who go through the process of adopting children from family members, and nonprofit organizations who help grandparents raising children.