Texas Health Experts on COVID-19 Vaccines



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Saroj Rai answered a question about the booster shot and how long the vaccine lasts.
Imelda Garcia answered a question about if someone doesn't want to take the vaccine.
Dr. Jennifer Shuford answered a question about the Delta variant.


AARP Texas hosted this Access Live event to host a conversation about COVID-19 vaccines. This event featured Dr. Jennifer Shuford, MD, MPH, Chief State Epidemiologist; Imelda Garcia, Lab and Infectious Disease Services Associate Commissioner; and Saroj Rai, PhD, MPH, Senior Scientific Advisor. They provided on overview of the vaccines available with the procedures in place to ensure safety and efficacy. They also discussed the recent Delta variant, vaccine effectiveness, and how to schedule your appointments. Participants asked questions regarding vaccine risks/complications with other medications and procedures as well as vaccine eligibility.