AARP – Tennessee – Take a Stand TTH with Rep Dianne Black



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Where do you think we are with gridlock as it pertains to bipartisan and social security?
As far as entitlements, how can I stay in my home as long as I can?
Congressman Diane Black discussed her passion for care giving.


AARP-Tennessee held this live Vekeo event with special guests Congressman Diane Black and AARP-TN State Director, Rebecca Kelly. They discussed the future of Social Security and care-giving issues. Rebecca Kelly announced that Congressman Black has been awarded the 2016 AARP Champion of the 50plus Award (legislative achievement award) and why she was given this. Congressman Black discussed her passion for care-giving through personal experiences. She addressed what she sees happening with Social Security and what things are being done to secure its future. Congressman Black talked about how things are going in the bipartisan realm for issues such as Social Security in Congress, especially in the Ways and Means Committee. Congressman Black discussed tele-medicine and the opportunity this has been opening up. She is very appreciative for the partnership AARP has with Congress in helping them to know what issues are important for Congress to continue to fight for.